Astronomy for common people?

Recently, I had a very long and serious discussion with my girlfriend on how astronomy as a science is helpful to the common people. Astronomy, being one of the first sciences to emerge, has definitely played it’s part in shaping the world as we see it today. But then you ponder the question, how does it help and effect the common people like us? What are the immediate benefits being harnessed from doing astronomy? An astronomer uses the Hubble Space Telescope to image the Whirlpool Galaxy in the sky. Now how does it benefit us? We spend billions of dollars of resources in making the Parkar Solar Probe, but what benefits will it yield? These are some of the basic questions that come to mind while we discuss the benefits and advantages of astronomy in the world.

It was quite interesting, that while my girlfriend gave some valid points, such as that the resources we put in astronomy, more specifically in rockets and doing experiments in and around the Earth, Moon and Mars can be used for the betterment of our planet itself, I wasn’t able to particularly explain to her in an meaningful manner as to how these things are important to us.

Today, while I was scrolling the Google feed to find answers that can help me explain her in an more meaningful manner, I came across a very good research article published by International Astronomical Union about the benefits and the connection astronomy has with the common people around the world. It was an wonderful article to read. I would be glad if more people could read it, and grasp how astronomy, which we regard as an interesting and wonderful science, has been helping the people around the world in more ways than we could imagine.

A small snippet from the article.
Quote, written by Carl Sagan in his book, ‘The Pale Blue Dot’

While, it’s true that we need to work on saving and investing more towards our planet, questioning astronomy as a science shouldn’t be entertained. Astronomy has, and will keep its deep rooted connection with the world intact, and will facilitate the people around the globe in many more ways in the years to come.

Thanku for reading here, I wish you have a very cheerful day ahead. 😄

Random Word #Astronomy

Red Giant Star – A very bright, but very cool huge star. Red Giants are stars that exhaust their hydrogen supply in their core.

White Dwarf – A small, dim star. Our Sun will eventually become a white dwarf after shedding its outer layers and forming a planetary nebula with a white dwarf as its remnant.

evolution-sun-like-star-red-giant-white-dwarf | EarthSky

Credits: DK Space Encyclopedia

Webb’s target launch date set!

James Webb Space Telescope’s target launch date has been made public. The launch will be targeted for 18th December 2021. With this, we finally have clarity over the launch date of this huge mission which will succeed the Hubble Space Telescope after more than 30 years of its launch. James Webb Telescope will be 100 times more powerful than its predecessor and will be able to see past thick clouds of gas and dust to reveal stars and stellar nurseries which Hubble couldn’t. It will have powerful infrared capabilities which will help it reveal more of the universe with much more superior quality. Webb will become a time machine, revealing the universe as it was about 13 billion years ago. It will take us deep into the very beginning of the universe, not the beginning, but still very close to help astronomers and researchers all around the world to study more accurately what happened in the making of the universe and the formation of galaxies and the first stars itself.

One thing that we all should know is that, with the launch of Webb, while the astronomers and researchers will get a more powerful eye to watch the universe, Hubble will not go anywhere. Hubble Space Telescope is likely to continue its operations for many more years to come and will assist its successor in revealing the universe. With the launch of the Webb, the world will get to see the unseen and will come together to celebrate what we have achieved as humanity as a whole. With continued advancements in the field of space and its technologies, people will be encouraged to look up at the skies and question themselves and others about the things we don’t know much about. I am very much looking forward to the launch, and I hope my readers here will be as excited as I am right now. Till the next time, take care and have a great day!

The new session starts today!

My new college session starts today. As expected by me, it is online as well as offline. People who are vaccinated and would like to attend offline lectures can go to the campus, and people who haven’t been vaccinated and are still hesitant about coronavirus can instead take online lectures from home. Now, I have already been vaccinated with my first dose, however, my second and last dose is due from 23rd August to 20th September. So, I won’t be going to the campus as of now, even when I can. I think it will be better if I take my last shot of the vaccine and be fully protected against the virus. So I guess I will be going to attend the lectures on the campus from September after the I take the shot.

4 lectures a day, 5 days a week means I have to attend a total of 20 lectures in a week. My usual schedule won’t change, however, I will get tired from online lectures. I think it will be better if I get my last shot as soon as possible. Coronavirus is dying out here in India, except for a few mismanaged states where state governments are completely irresponsible. I think it will take another few months before more people get vaccinated and the virus dies out. I don’t know if any potential next wave will hit or not, but if it does, I don’t think people vaccinated have to be worried. So the damage the virus was doing has peaked, and it’s just about some time till the virus vanishes. I hope so.

I will continue to keep posting here, no matter if it’s only one post a week. It’s better for my blog and its followers that I keep writing to the best of my ability. August, is also that time of the year from where the festive season starts with new festivals coming. I hope the virus dies out and people keep returning to their normal lives. This new college session will be very important for me and I hope I will succeed with blessings from God and everyone around me. Thanku you for reading here, have a good day guys!!

Life at the moment

This post will be different from the usual ones, where I will just talk about what’s happening in life and stuff rather than talking about science and space. I am feeling very relaxed now that the first year of my undergraduate program has come to an end and the second year will begin by this month. I am doing my undergraduate from BSSS Bhopal, in Applied Economics. The first year was very quick because I didn’t even go to college a single day. To be honest, I have only visited my campus just 2 times. Such were the times since the last year that I didn’t even get to study anything in the college itself. Everything was online, from the lectures, assignments, and exams as well.

But now that my first year has come to an end, and with COVID almost gone, I am hopeful the new session will begin with classes and lectures happening on the campus itself. I have had enough of these online classes. Nothing can replace the experience of being in the class with colleagues. However, I also understand that from the second year, I have to put extra effort into my studies because it will start getting more serious now. I wasn’t much into studies this year being at home all the time, but I hope I will get into shape and start being more serious from now into the second year.

I will read more books, will also start to work out to help get rid of this laziness. I have a girlfriend, yes and things weren’t being very nice with her for the past few months. We talked about it and I am hopeful it will get better from now. With COVID going, I will also get a chance to hang out with my friends more. However, with the rainy season at its peak, and with the prediction that the third COVID wave might hit anytime between now and October, I still need to be careful. I have been vaccinated back in June with my first dose of Covishield, and I am hopeful to get the last dose this month before the college reopens. I am hoping COVID never comes back, and life will go back to normal for everyone. It will get more hectic with the second year but I am very excited with many new things to watch out for from now.

I just wanted to share what’s happening in life and about the situation here. I should post updates like these more often I guess. Till the next time, stay safe and stay happy. Thanku!!!