Erwin Schrödinger and Webb

Hello peeps. Back to writing this week and today, I am going to start off by sharing something which I recently got my eyes on. Quantum physics, as you might have heard, is the science of very small particles. Classical physics tells us what happens on large scale, about the motion of stars and planets and how they work. Quantum physics tells us about what happens on a very small scale, where classical physics does not seem to work.

One day while scrolling my Twitter feed, I came to know about this story about Erwin Schrödinger, the father of quantum physics. Quoting, “A recent investigation that resurfaces damning evidence that famed physicist Erwin Schrödinger was a pedophile is continuing to make waves in the academic community”.

Erwin Schrödinger, widely known for his work on quantum physics and about his famous “cat experiment” in 1935 was a sexual predator and serial abuser the story said. I will link the article here for you guys to read, but this story has made me rethink our society. Sexual abuse and harassment remain one of the most dangerous crimes the world is tackling on daily basis, this story about how one of the most influential scientists of the 20th century being a sexual abuser has made me think how little we know about people outside of media and what is being told about them. To sum up,

In other news, James Webb Space Telescope’s primary mirror wings have been deployed and it continues its journey to the 2nd Lagrange point. Over the next few months, Webb will continue to cool down its components to operating temperatures. Quoting NASA, “In the meantime, there are several smaller deployments in the next couple of weeks, which constitute the beginning of a several-month phase of aligning the telescope’s optics. This week, we have started the process of moving the mirror segments (all primary plus secondary) out of their stowed launch positions.”

I am writing this on Microsoft Word, and it feels so good how smooth the typing is. I previously used to write directly on WordPress writer or on online notepads, sometimes even on OpenOffice writer. But nothing is as smooth as this thing. Complete butter.

Another wonderful year!

Hello guys, I hope you people are doing fine as always. As the year comes to an end, I would like to sincerely thank you all for your continuous support by reading and sharing the blog. I know I haven’t been very active, but I only want to write and share things when I think are right. I have been thinking of regularly posting things that come to my head, but to make sure I don’t spam your WordPress reader and emails, I have been cautious of that idea. I think writing when I feel like it, is the whole purpose of this blog which I started 3 years ago, so I am pretty happy with it.

As with other things, as you people might have already seen and heard, James Webb Space Telescope is heading towards the 2nd Lagrange point, its destination. It will take many weeks for Webb to deploy its mirrors, sun-shield, and other antennas for proper working. NASA has told that it might take about 6 months for the first images to come out. You can go to this website to track JWST, and follow all the latest updates on the blog here

With other launches, successful deployment in orbit reduces almost all the risks, with JWST however, launch reduces just 10% of the total risk. Much riskier tasks will take place in the coming weeks and months, and just as everyone I hope everything goes well and fine.

The start of a new decade has been pretty busy for the space industry, and it will continue to do so as NASA now shifts its focus on Artemis 1 mission, which probably launches next year. With the launch of Artemis 1, a new era of successive human space missions to and from the moon will begin. Later in this decade, NASA will also probably launch missions to bring back the samples right now being collected by the Perseverance rover on Mars.

Private space companies such as SpaceX and Blue Origin with many others continue to work to take humans to space, making it very clear that in coming years, space travel for common people might not be too far from reach. Logically, it would still take long for it to be completely accessible for common people, but the sense of saying it was that people who can afford and would like to, can go to space pretty easily going forward.

NASA with Artemis missions will put the first woman and first person of color on the Moon, and in the long run, will work with other industry partners and nations to build a sustainable moon base for the long-term presence of humans on the Moon.

All in all, a very exciting and busy space decade has begun, and going forward into the new year will bring much more exciting and good news. I wish everyone a Happy New Year, and lots of happiness going forward. Take care guys. ^_^


Hello guys, back to writing this week. A lot has been happening in the social world these days, and while it may be difficult to catch up with everything, I hope you have been doing good, as usual, this holiday season (those who get actual holidays).

I was very amazed to follow the news this week that the fueling of the James Webb Space Telescope has been done, and now it will be going to its last location, to get fit inside the Ariane Rocket, which will deliver it to space and beyond. You can watch this video to know what’s actually happening. It is set to launch on the 22nd of December, 2021. I cannot describe my excitement in words, but I am very very sure that Webb is going to be supreeeeemely good.

Also, this week you must have heard about the comet named Leonard, which is going close past us in space. Many people have covered this comet, and while it is too “far to be close”, it can be seen through binoculars and scopes. It can be hard to see with naked eyes, though people with great eyesight just might pick it up in extremely dark skies. You can read more about the comet here, and while you are at it, watch this very beautiful video captured by Astrophotographer Greg Hogan in Kathleen, Georgia. 

Winter season is here, and while it’s here, Omicron is here too. Seems like a seasonal appearance, just like the previous variants. But it can be dangerous like it has been the case all along, so MASK UP, AND STAY SAFE. I should also probably tell you guys that my Mid-terms exams are here, from 20th to 30th December. So it’s a little disappointing, but hey, I am sure with exams ending on 30, I can at least enjoy the new year pretty well.

Here are some images I took in the last few days, the place I live is surrounded by farms and it’s very nice to be here.

Oh, and btw, I got to know about this very good service, a newsletter service Morning Brew from a youtube video. I tried it, and I have to say while it’s pretty good, it has some downsides (at least for me). It is an amazing service, to be honest, from financial markets to what’s happening in the world of technology and many more things. However, it is mostly targeted towards US readers I suppose, because it covers a lot of things from the USA, and it arrives in my inbox right in the evenings. I have been using it for 3 days now, arriving at 7pm, 6pm, and 5pm. And that’s the US morning time as far as I know. So I don’t know if I will be free every day in the evening to read it, and I also don’t want to unsubscribe from it because I have been loving their newsletters. If anyone uses Morning Brew and knows if I can actually change regions or fix the timezone thing, do let me know. I don’t know much about it, as I have just started using it. You people should try it out, it’s good enough to “waste” 10-15 mins to give a daily read.

I hope you people have a great day ahead. 😊👋


Hello folks. 👋 With James Webb Space Telescope launch so close, NASA recently started an art challenge by the name of #UnfoldTheUniverse. With this challenge they called out to people to make drawings, paintings, music, videos or whatever people might like to and show them what will James Webb Space Telescope show us when it will #UnfoldTheUniverse.

Hundreds of people across the globe have already shared what they think Webb will unfold once launched. To find out how to participate, click the above mentioned link to know the simple procedure. And to take a look at the current accepted arts for the NASA Art Gallery click on this link.

My girlfriend also participated in this challenge and submitted her drawings. I would like to show you all this beautifully crafted design of Webb.

Webb Space Telescope, @sanjeetpatel508

To explain it a little bit, below in the image is the Webb Space Telescope, and then starting above it are the representations of planets, meteors, comets, nebulas, supernova explosions and huge galaxies.

She actually asked me to give her some ideas about what to draw next. I couldn’t come up with anything so I forwarded her this challenge. And she was all in for this. I am overjoyed with the drawing she made and submitted towards the Art Gallery.

I am really happy to see the effort NASA is putting to spread the word and engage more and more people in this launch. It’s nice to see the space community being so lively and active on social media. I would also like to suggest you guys participate in this if like or just spread the word. I hope you all stay safe and have a great day ahead!👋

BBC new Universe series!

I came to know that BBC has released a new series named ‘Universe’, by Brian Cox. I was excited because I saw some of his tweets on Twitter and decided to check it out. I checked it on the BBC website, where it was mentioned that BBC iPlayer only works in UK, because of right issues. I connected a VPN, to see if it might work. It did, but then again it asked me to make a BBC account. I don’t need a BBC account, thus I decided against making one.

I have a few readers from UK, so I would like to ask them how was the series if they watched some episodes of it. And for my international readers, I would like to know your opinion too if you have watched the series or if you have any intentions to watch it.

Universe, the name itself made me pretty convinced that it would be a good series, such a simple straight forward name. And the host, professor Brian Cox is also very famous for his style of narrating. Is the series worth it, such that I should make a BBC account just to watch it? I guess it should be, but I should just in case ask people who would have watched it.

Thanku for reading guys, do let me know your thoughts if any. Stay safe!!

Your order has been shipped!

Your order has been shipped, after a few more tests and preparations it will be out for delivery. Yay!

This was the scenario which has come out after James Webb Space Telescope has been shipped to it’s launch site in Kourou, French Guiana. 5800 miles of sea journey to its launch site means it’s very close to launch now. Two more months of preparations and tests and it will be launched into space on 18th of December, 2021.

This long due Space Telescope will replace Hubble Space Telescope, which is currently our eyes into the great universe. Webb seemingly will be 100 times more powerful than Hubble, and it’s extremely powerful infrared capabilities will allow scientists to peer into thick dust and gas clouds, which currently Hubble cannot. Webb will also search for potential life in the universe, by studying planets around star systems for life harboring elements.

Two videos were released by NASA Webb Instagram account recently, showcasing the Webb’s journey to it’s launch site.

With launch so close, excitement for this new and powerful space observatory has been increasing. Webb will take us back 13 billion years ago, will peer into thick gas clouds to reveal secrets, and will search for life in the universe. More than enough and big reasons for us to be excited about it. Looking forward to more content from NASA Webb and launch itself.

Thanku for reading here guys, have a great day ahead!