Random Word #Astronomy


Gravity:- Gravity is derived from a Latin word gravitas, meaning ‘weight’, also refers to gravitation, is a natural phenomenon by which all things with mass or energy, including all planets, stars, galaxies, and even light, are brought towards one another.

Also, a very happy International Earth day. We owe our everything to our mother earth, help each other, protect it.




Mathematics in Astronomy.

Mathematics is the root of all scientific things. Maybe, or maybe not.

Maths has capability that can change the world. You write a equation in your hand and you define the whole universe with it. Take the example of general relativity. It may seem way too good by just reading and visualizing it, but once we get to know its equations and try to solve and figure them out, we will understand that the true beauty of that theory is its maths, and not its visual appearance.

Mathematics defines the whole beauty.

Mathematics have changed our lives. They impact us directly or indirectly. But it does someway or the other. People who love maths and people who don’t both are apparantly the same type of people. Difference is that, some people have maths in their blood, while the other ones have maths as a subject, which is of no use in their lives.

Maths has that beauty no other science has. Mathematics defines the world we live in. The world without maths will just be like a computer with no hard drive in it. Maths is the part of our lives, our culture and tradition. But just as it, it affects us directly or indirectly.

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Quantum Entanglement: The sci-fi reality!

Quantum Entanglement: Imagine two particles, with same charge and properties, each at the opposite sides of the universe. [Both the particles will maintain same position. Change in one affects the another].

Atoms are still connected, even they are on opposite sides of the universe.

A scientist doesn’t loved cats. He puts it inside a box and closes it with a bomb inside. Imagine that he had two cats. He does the same with that as well. Now he puts them each at the opposite sides of the universe.

As per the probability, only one of them will explode. One cat will die while the other one survives. And this is really true. Both the boxes have connection with same material inside at a great distance. Still they can maintain same position and the probability of being exploded.

It is known as Schrödinger’s Cat. It is scientifically proven as well. Scientists have measured the position of the atom and their phenomenon while they are connected to each other.

This is a crazy idea, however it is a truth. Only due to this scientists get powered to give away ideas about multiple universes or Multiverse.

To get more interesting information about Quantum Entanglement and Schrödinger’s Cat, refer to Wikipedia, and YouTube for more awesome stuff.

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Dwarf Stars!

White Dwarfs

Any star with a mass less than seven times our Sun is expected to end it’s life as a small, dim star known as a white dwarf. When a dying star puffs off most of its material and collapses, it becomes extremely small, dense, and hot. The matter in a white dwarf is so densely packed that a teaspoonful of the material would weigh several tonnes.

^END OF A STAR Our Sun will end its life as a white dwarf like this star, in about seven billion years from now.

Brown Dwarfs

Some stars, known as brown dwarfs, are so small and cool that they are unable to start up nuclear reactions in their core or to burn hydrogen. They are often described as “failed stars”. Brown dwarfs do shine, but very faintly, because they produce a little heat as they slowly shrink due to gravity.

^TWIN BROWN DWARFS This artwork shows the dimmest star-like bodies known, called 2M 0939.

Did You Know?

Mums appear in Chinese writings in 15th century BC – they used to call it chu. It is first mentioned in Japan around 8th century AD. The single petal variety was adopted as crest and seal of the emperor. It first appeared in the western world around 17th century. In 1753, Swedish Botanist Karl Linnaeus joined two Greek words, chrysos (meaning gold) and anthemon (meaning flower) to coin chrysanthemum.

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Is emptiness real? Is space really empty? Or their are some properties which prove that space isn’t just empty?

Let’s explore!!

According to Albert Einstein, space isn’t just a two dimensional thing, space is real stretchable thing, which comprises of both space and time, which then becomes spacetime.

Space has 4 dimensions, as we are all aware of. 1d, 2d, 3d and 4d. [They are also termed as 0d, 1d, 2d and 3d].

According to Einstein, space isn’t really empty. And that is scientifically proven as well. Space has 3 hydrogen atoms per cubic cm. That means space is not empty, but we can’t see those atoms in the gaps.

Vacuum of space is also not empty. It contains virtual particles which come to existence and then pop into nothing again.

One of my close colleagues named Brains had debated with me on this topic a while ago. We can’t come to any conclusion, as our views differ in many scenarios.

But that was a healthy debate on how the gaps in the space are filled with matter. We still not really know the truth behind this, but astronomers are working very well on this topic. We might know more on this in very near future.

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