Stonehenge history exposed

I was recently sent a post on my Instagram by my friend, and the last slide of the post captivated me. One man was saying, “aw man, the sun’s in my eyes again”, to which the other man replied, “guess we got to put another stone in the way” Image credit: will_santino_illustration This got me … Continue reading Stonehenge history exposed

Independent candidate

I am trying an image-based prompt for the first time. The inspiration was Mister Bump UK and his post Accidental Hero. Kindly read him as well. Please give me feedback if you have any in the comments. Will help me a lot in improving my writing in the future. And as always, thanku for reading. … Continue reading Independent candidate

James Webb Space Telescope reveals the first set of images

carina nebula

On the 11th of July, NASA revealed a bonus sneak peek with Webb’s first Deep Field image of galaxy cluster SMACS 0723. The amount of time Webb spent capturing this deep field was 12 hours. Way lower time than what its predecessor Hubble Space Telescope took, about 22 days. NASA also said that this is … Continue reading James Webb Space Telescope reveals the first set of images

Our money is not being wasted

I was recently reading this article where the author beautifully describes why investment in space technology and space exploration is necessary, and how it yields benefits for humanity in the short and long run. I should probably mention that I have previously in my posts written extensively about this, and have advocated that astronomy does … Continue reading Our money is not being wasted