Daily Prompt Response

What are three objects you couldn’t live without?

I googled the meaning of the object, and this came up.

So I don’t know if people or persons can be included in this post. I will skip them, though everyone knows personal relationships with family and lovers are the most important.

When I think of three essential objects that are absolutely necessary for me to live, it’s hard to pinpoint any specific objects. There are so many things needed to live at any point in time. A smartphone with a working internet connection should be the most essential object to live a life for many people I believe. It’s true for me too. People and persons are important but you need a fucking smartphone to connect with them. So yeah, that’s one.

I am not including the very basic things such as food, water, and shelter here. Because if I am writing a post like this, it literally means I have enough of those three to spill bullshit on WordPress.

Moving on now. 2 objects remaining. What could they be? Being educated, I guess? I don’t know if Education is an object. Is it? But education is absolutely necessary to not get fucked in this cruel world. And you need to be at least a little educated to use a fucking phone. So yeah, there it is.

1 more remaining. What is it? MONEY, YOU FUCKERS. Or more specifically, a fucking job that pays you. Else how are you going to afford a smartphone and education, and even those three essentials which we skipped for this post. Yes, you need to pay for food, you need to pay for water, and you need to pay for a home. YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED MONEY. IT’S A MUST. YOU HAVE TO HAVE IT.

14 thoughts on “Daily Prompt Response

      1. There are a lot of words in the English language, and I think that young people are over exposed to hearing FUCK from listening to Rap and Hip-Hop music, but I feel that this is just a cheap way of adding emphasis to what you are saying. I use the word when I get mad, but when I write I try to express myself better.

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    1. Agreed for the most part. I use the word when I get angry; most of us do. However, there are times when writing a story when no other word would work quite as well. There are exceptions but it not a word to be tossed about lightly; it’s loses its gravitas, its significance when done so.

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  1. I agree with you that a phone, education, and money are essentials to the greater majority of people out there. But there is a small segment of the world who have chosen to live without those things, such as those that decide to live off the grid. I would guess that they have other essentials like a good garden, etc. Unfortunately, even those who live off the grid need money or have some sort of bartering system going on. But even those not off the grid differ in what they feel is essential. I have a niece who does not pay for wifi / internet / cable T.V. She does have a smart phone, however. And whatever she can’t accomplish with that, she either doesn’t bother with or visits the local library. Anyhow, interesting post.

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  2. Hahaha

    Hmm… yeah I suppose I would want the phone with internet – but ya know I kinda miss the moments years ago when I was not reachable 24/7 … sometimes I like to just be like nope lol – so I don’t know…

    Well I would hope someone would just have an education … but some in this world have to fight for education – so I guess that’s a thing?

    And YES!!! Getting paid for work! Lol 🫤

    For some reason when someone asks me what 3 things I want … I instantly imagine they are asking because it will be on a deserted island 🏝️ lol 🤷‍♀️

    Hmm 🤔 what 3 things would I want?

    I think the phone be one? Same as you… Just to have for various reasons

    I might say lotion because I live in dry climate and I like to be smooth and soft lol 🤷‍♀️ (girly)

    And what else?? A shelter ? For warmth and protection? ❤️

    I would be happy with that – I currently love all those things 🥰 (not in that order)

    Ps… they say people who swear have higher IQs – if you believe those studies

    I swear when I am mad lol ✌️

    I think that is a New England thing? Like New Yorkers lol ✌️😘

    But over here people swear like it’s nothing 😮 just vocabulary

    You will know I am mad if I swear lol

    But generally I do not swear … It’s pretty much if I am mad 🤷‍♀️

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    1. That must be a wierd study because I don’t think there is any correlation 😂

      Yes, I have seen that before. When you are angry you did use some swear words in some of your older posts. So I guess that the thing with you.

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      1. Yeah – I always say it’s a New England thing lol 🤷‍♀️ but is only when I am mad/frustrated

        Yeah I do not know who conducts those studies or how are the studies conducted

        Probably someone who swears a lot lol 😉😄

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