Daily Prompt Response

What is the last thing you learned?

Just like many other things, I have not learned the last thing I learned the hard way. This means it was not from my own experience but from the happenings of someone else.

The last thing I learned was that it is a waste to sacrifice yourself and help people. It is worse when done while disregarding one’s own interests. Now I know that when helping somebody, we should not expect anything in return and move on with it. These are good manners. But when people disregard their own interests and go above and beyond to help others only to end up getting silently backstabbed, it’s not worth it.

I believe that we should help others as much as possible but that should not come at the cost of undermining our own self. The world we live in is cruel and as far as I have seen, majority of the people do not care about others until and unless they are getting something out of it.

Take care of yourself and help within boundaries. Do not feel guilty if you are not able to help someone. Not everyone in the world can offer help and not everyone needs help. Do it if you feel like you are doing your best but draw the line where you start to damage your own self. It’s best for everybody. And watch your backs, there exist more fake relationships than real ones.


15 thoughts on “Daily Prompt Response

  1. Your argument ignores the dimension, though, that people get something from helping others. Something intangible. A “feelgood factor”. Otherwise, why would somebody spend years to train as a nurse, say? Because there is certainly no remuneration in that job. They will not become rich from it. They do it largely because they want to help people.

    Your argument seems to suggest that there is no value in being a nurse, but I suspect many patients would disagree!

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    1. Oh yeah. I did not take this into consideration. But don’t you think besides a few exceptions, most people who start helping due to feelgood factor end up continuing it because they would feel too guilty if they now backed off. And it backfires and hurts them.


  2. Yes, I agree that everyone needs to take care of themselves. You can’t help others if you are “depleted” mentally, emotionally, etc. But I think that everyone needs help at some time in their life. It doesn’t mean that everyone needs the same type of help. There is a movement out there about doing a small act of kindness each day. You get nothing tangible in return, but you know that you might have brightened someone’s day. There have been plenty of days that I would have appreciated a simple smile, help me carrying a heavy box up my apartment building’s stairs, or so on. It would have brightened my day–my outlook of the world. Kindness spreads. Or at least, I hope so.

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    1. This is a good point and I agree that doing a small act of kindness everyday brightens someone day and it ultimately spreads in the world.

      I only hope that kind hearted people do not get taken advantage off and else they would stop being so kind once and for all. And this will also spread out and ultimately everyone in the world won’t care about anyone else.

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  3. Well… people openly helped me stand up… without that I would not have survived. I am humbled and thankful – they are still in my life and very close like family always ❤️

    I was always kind and hard worker – always honest to a fault … I was always compassionate to others … young and old before I needed help…

    I help people currently – I have many I met through work … I do not want someone to ever feel alone and afraid or alone and sad …

    So I check on them and see if is anything I can do?

    I can not have someone suffer in pain

    You can help someone by just listening or being a friend… sometimes people just want to be heard ? Or need just little support from a friendly person

    Don’t overly place yourself in position to get taken advantage of – because if you give people an inch – they will take a mile

    BUT… there is also that saying that if you give a man a fish, he eats for a day… if you teach a man to fish – he eats for the rest of his life ❤️

    You do need boundaries for yourself too – be kind to yourself

    And yes – don’t expect anyone to have same heart as you… do not do something for someone with the expectation of something in return

    If you help – help purely to help another human being who really needs it

    You can help in other ways too – by donating old clothing to shelters or homeless ?

    Make a donation to a charity or mental health services – cause people need that.

    Not all people take advantage – but it only takes one to poison the pot.

    You don’t have to help first hand – like I said you could make donations instead?

    But again – make sure you keep balanced in order to help someone.

    If I didn’t have my people or help – I would not be where am today ❤️ I will never forget what they all did for me

    Oh … and my home … everything in it … I did not buy … all my people stepped up and provided everything for me ❤️ it still sorta makes me cry so 🤷‍♀️

    They never expect anything in return ever… they are the reason I stand strong so… I view it several ways

    You will know if someone is sincere or not – trust your gut … don’t be afraid to help

    It takes a village sometimes ❤️

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    1. I like that quote 💙 give a man a fish and eats for a day, teach him to fish and he eats for life.

      Essentially sums up how we should approach life and help people.

      Huge respect that people came together to help rebuild for you. I also want a village like that 💙 maybe if I keep working honestly I will have one day.

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      1. I love that quote too ❤️ and yes that is how should help people – give them skills to survive so they never suffer ❤️

        You seem like a good hearted kind person… you will also need to know how to be firm and confident because you do not want to be taken advantage of

        In my case- I had a lot of things … my family died, I was getting away from Satan, and cancer completely took my life over for a minute

        But I fight every step of way to survive – after my last surgery I did not have the luxury of being able to recover … I had to right away jump in and save myself

        When I rented that place in middle of nowhere – I did not initially tell her that I just had a major surgery. I was afraid if I told her she wouldn’t rent to me… cause of health issues? So I just be quiet about that.

        She learned after and was shocked, but also helped me ❤️

        Every Christmas I would go to pay rent and she would say – that is your Christmas present 🎁 and I would be able to get the kids a little something ❤️

        All my people knew what I went through and how hard I work… and if you find someone like that and help them – then you get to see how they stand up ❤️🙏

        They all make sure I am ok, do I need anything ❤️ they do for me – how I do for others ❤️

        I never say I need anything lol … but I did learn through the cancer – that sometimes you do have to say you need help

        One is a real estate agent who helped me get my house which I thought was not even possible? I had saved and saved but I didn’t think I qualified – but they help me with that – and I have my own house

        The place in middle of nowhere was furnished for me and I had no furniture or things of my own – just our clothes … I had one blow up bed and when we first move in – we use that

        But all my friends gave little bit of theirs … literally everything in my house now ❤️ is like a house of love ❤️

        I have 3 bedrooms and all 3 bedrooms are furnished – I have a living room with a fake fireplace, tv, coffee table, recliners, couch 🛋️ and dining room with cute little table… I have a beautiful desk and curio cabinet etc

        I had bought the little things like dishes and silverware, towels etc

        I did not expect them to do that for me – I didn’t ask or expect… but they do for me because they love me, they care and are amazing people ❤️

        I am also there for them if they ever need anything

        They are who I consider family now … I lost mine but found another ❤️

        I am a success story … was not easy

        The government was ZERO help – none of those programs are ok and I have severe distrust of government for that

        But I can teach someone to survive and make it without the government. The government just ruins shit – they are NOT out for the best interest of family

        Is who has money… they don’t care about safety or well being – is government – they only want money – you got money you win

        They can take their programs and shove them – they teach nothing and do not help… they can’t be bothered

        People have to understand you have to work hard if want to survive

        I’m very lucky cancer didn’t take me out and didn’t leave me handicapped or something

        I am extremely lucky 🍀 … I also found a family that I create ❤️… and I am safe and happy

        Covid also assisted me to stand … if wasn’t for Covid it would have been harder

        While everyone else was doing nothing I was working really hard lol ✌️

        My people came into my life when I needed people most ❤️

        I believe there are reasons people appear in your life when they do ❤️

        Some knew me before everything and some came into my life during that period

        They are also aware of type of person I am so they were aware I would not take advantage and worked very hard

        Get to know someone’s story

        Like I said – be confident and firm with your own things and self. Don’t give so much that you can’t survive or would hurt you. Be smart in choices

        And I believe goodness comes back to you ❤️👏

        Don’t compare self to others, be strong with your own direction in life – be happy with self – never do anything that doesn’t feel right and don’t be afraid to say no.

        I’m am just very lucky 🍀 maybe my blood family up in heaven had a hand making sure I be ok? ❤️ I like to think that – I wasn’t ready to lose them … but I had many amazing lessons (some I did not like) but it taught me how to survive and be careful

        Always be honest with what can and can not do… as well as what able to actually do.

        Don’t just hand over money to someone – teach them how to stand ❤️👏 give them little step up ❤️

        Also keep in mind – mental health is issues the world dishes out … I have my silent thing due to things gone through … but some have massive mental health issues – so be aware there too / and I don’t know if India has drug issues but we do … so also be careful there

        I am not a type for drugs or alcohol and during my struggles I never did anything that didn’t feel right or was not something I was ok with – I stay very strong there – life is hard enough without that. Plus satan did drugs and alcohol so… I was always the responsible one

        There are people who sincerely need help – I am one the government has the programs for but so many take advantage of the programs that when someone truly needs help – it is not there ✌️

        The government can suck it 😘✌️

        A reason we have so many issues is because of broken systems ✌️ they do it wrong 😘

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