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Hello. My name is Sanjeet Patel and I am from Bhopal, India. Currently pursuing Applied Economics undergraduate program from BSSS, Bhopal. Also a writer at Asiana Times. I started this blog more than 4 years ago out of curiosity to try and learn how to blog and improve my writing. In the initial days, most of the posts were about how to do amateur astronomy using guides and charts and all those stuff. I read and wrote a lot about science in those early days. Since then I have not only come to improve my writing but have also learned a great deal from this blog.
As the growth happened, I started writing opinions and putting out posts for various other genres as well, such as sports, politics, and general science.

More about me

I am a learner and this blog has contributed to a lot of growth in my life both directly and indirectly. I have had the chance to meet and connect with many fellow bloggers who create content like me as well.
It might seem odd and even vague that as an economics student I write content I hardly should know about, and yes I agree. I don’t know better than anyone and don’t pretend to do that. I read, discover, and try to understand the things I write on this blog. I write my opinions. I always welcome readers to share their own views and opinions on this blog. Mutual discussions and understanding are one of the many things this blog has helped me get better at. So if you want to connect with me, please don’t hesitate. Let’s do that.


Currently in the 3rd-year of the undergraduate program in Applied Economics from BSSS Bhopal, India. Writer at Asiana Times. Working as a freelancer and doing internships in relevant fields. Open to working. Please connect through LinkedIn.

Other contact information

You can always use the Contact page to directly send your thoughts and suggestions and anything which you might have to say. Please use your proper name and email address so there are no problems while I respond back to you.

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