Commenting on WordPress Blogs

I got an opportunity from the SBC (Student Blogging Challenge Week 2) 2019 to make a Powerpoint Presentation for showcasing how people can comment on blogs.
Here I am presenting a simple PPT guide for the same.

I hope this PPT was helpful. Take care. ^_^

33 thoughts on “Commenting on WordPress Blogs

  1. Namaste Sanjeet.
    What a wonderful blog!
    My name is Mrs Barrett and I am a teacher from Scotland. I am really impressed with how you have embedded a presentation into your blog. It really demonstrates your skills as a blogger.
    I’m sure this presentation will be helpful for many that are new to blogging. Keep it up!

    Hope you are enjoying the student blogging challenge?

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    1. Thank you, Mrs Barrett. Yeah, I am enjoying the SBC very much. It is helping me a lot with my blogging skills. I checked a few tutorials on how to embed a PPT in a blog post and then tried myself. It is always a great thing to actually learn something before trying our hands on them. Cheers!! 👌✌


  2. Hello Sanjeet, I am Collin.
    I as well find it very interesting on how you managed to incorporate a slide show into your blog! Could you possibly give me a link to whatever website you used to create the powerpoint?
    Leave a like and comment at

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  3. Hi, Sanjeet! This is a very well done presentation. It is descriptive and it is very helpful. I like how you added information that not everybody has but some people might. It makes it helpful so that if there is a person that requires that, we know how to do it. I really like your blog! I hope you come visit my blog!

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    1. Yeah. people like to be attracted to the things which are more informative + shown in a more presentable manner. Thus I made that PPT. And sure, I will visit your blog too. Cheers!! ✌👌


  4. Hi Sanjeet! My name is Collin. I am from the USA. I liked how you set up the presentation. It explains how to comment really well. But what if some people don’t use the website that you use. My blog URL is

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    1. Hello Collin. Well, it doesn’t matter if someone is not using the same site as I do. They just need to follow the instructions in the guide to commenting on sites, cause those points are universally applicable. Cheers!! ✌👌


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