Creative Commons Licenses

It was the topic of SBC Week 3, where we were asked to explain the bloggers about the CC Licenses, so here is me, presenting to you a PPT to explain what are CC Licenses, their types, and their usage.

I hope this PPT was helpful. Take care. ^_^

5 thoughts on “Creative Commons Licenses

  1. Sanjeet,

    Your presentation is very helpful. I would like to use it with some of my students to explain each type of Creative Commons license. It can sometimes be confusing for me to keep them straight, so I have to check a list of descriptions. My fourth graders are writing and creating posters to tell how to use photos responsibly. I have been teaching them to break the habit of thinking that they can use anything they find on the Internet in any way they want. If you’d like to look at some of their blog posts, our class blog is at

    Mrs. Bentley from the USA

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    1. Thank you, Mrs. Bentley. It’s my pleasure that my PPT can be of some use to your class students. I will love to check out blog posts from your class students too. Thank you once again, Maam.


  2. Sanjeet,
    Thank you for your post. I feel this will be a great resource for my class. They are all new to blogging, and even when I has them to do PowerPoint Presentations, they try to take images straight from Google. Hopefully this will help them to better understand the importance of Creative Commons Licenses when using photos and images.

    Excellent job again!
    Mrs. Moore

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